Diversity Festival 2020

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6 April 2019, Hayman Park


Zero Waste Event

The Diversity Festival is a Zero Waste Event. A Zero Waste Event is one that generates less waste, and/or the right kind of waste for reuse. This means any marketing material must be compostable/recyclable, and any food and beverage must be supplied in compostable packaging.

Packing which is not essential to the use, distribution, retail sale, storage or safety of your products should be avoided. Packaging or utensils that are essential for these purposes are required to be compostable and constructed from 100% renewable resources. 

The festival will provide traders with facilities for separating their waste into designated bins to avoid contamination of recyclables and unnecessary sorting at our onsite sorting station. Please ensure you use only recyclable and compostable materials where possible.

Please ensure that you do not sell any items that may have a negative environmental impact on the festival site. For example, chupa chup lollipops, chewing gum. The festival provides a compost waste disposal system for all caterers. It will be a requirement of all stallholders and vendors that they use this system.

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